Load Time

The Load Time benchmark measures how fast a site loads without Quick Blocker and with Quick Blocker. These tests were performed on an iPhone 6 Plus connected to Internet over WiFi, so the differences over a cellular network would be even bigger.

Site Load time Load time with QB x times faster 4.830s 1.880s 2.57x 4.560s 3.490s 1.31x 3.480s 1.950s 1.78x 3.870s 2.420s 1.60x 6.950s 3.040s 2.29x 4.770s 3.360s 1.42x 11.480s 1.660s 6.92x
on average



Page Size

Site Page size Page size with QB % smaller 3.36MB 1.88MB 44.05% 3.85MB 3.44MB 10.65% 4.86MB 4.41MB 9.26% 1.78MB 1.23MB 30.90% 4.95MB 1.88MB 62.02% 3.30MB 2.04MB 38.18% 1.32MB 1.17MB 11.36%
on average


less data usage

External Resources

Site External resources External resources QB Blocked by QB 102 49 53 88 55 33 69 47 22 82 36 46 242 69 173 109 49 60 40 32 8
on average


blocked resources per page

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